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When it comes to pursuing and achieving success, going it alone just won’t do the job. Your BNI chapter is a perfect example of this. It takes a village to bring success to each member of the chapter, and by “village” I am referencing all of the roles that make up a chapter. Each role is responsible for several needs of the members.

And just like with your business, if you fail to set the bar, your new client, or new referral partner, will stumble through their experience with you because you are the expert, not them. This is why one of BNI’s Traditions is Education and Training. When asked what was the most impactful part of their experience, it was impressive how much these visitors overlapped in opinion.


A second chapter tried the same experiment. After 9 months, absences decreased by 53%, referrals went up 164%, and membership grew by 90%. The leadership team needs to follow up with visitors and guests, and members need to follow up about the business they’ve passed.

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You can visit multiple chapters, but only one will be your designated chapter. To join BNI, you’ll need to be sponsored by an existing BNI member. Visit the BNI website and use the chapter locator to get in touch with a member.

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Hodges among Farm Bureau agents honored.

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Listen to Episode 490 for more data that supports the role attendance plays in membership growth and referrals passed. Accountability for the chapter members. One of the most important parts of accountability is attendance, and it’s up to the membership committee to maintain this.

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They could have two absences and then one absence rolls off and they are absent for a second time again. So that is the relevance to everyone who is listening to this podcast. You can check your own with that report. Now, the main difference with this procedure is that we really do have to pay attention to an additional report when we take attendance. There are two reports in BNI Connect that can really, really make this process super simple for you.


So today I want to share the story behind the Referral Reality Check. For many of us, BNI’s Core Value of Recognition stands out as the reason behind this Vermont practice. It obviously gives us a reason to put one another on a pedestal for training us in unique and engaging ways. However, there is more to this practice than the weekly “pat on the back” to one member.

Teaching our Communities to Use BNI  (July

If you had a negative experience in BNI and it was due to actions of another member in your chapter, be sure to attribute that experience to your members and not BNI. If you do not know anyone from BNI, you can still try to schmooze your way into BNI. Simple go to theBNI Chapter Locator, find a chapter close to you, and send a message to the president that you’re interested in BNI and you would like to come as a guest. When you do go to BNI, come early, meet some of the members. You should be able to find rapport with a member or two.

They all said that the Referrals & Testimonials and the data were the things that they remember the most. So for visitors, hearing about the productivity of the partners in the chapter and first-hand experiences from the professionals in the room were the biggest take-aways for them. Going into the organization with a referral goal, Tom knew he’d need to put in what he wanted to get out of it. That meant making weekly meetings, volunteering for committees—the whole nine yards.

Have you ever run into a Generational Gap “snag” in your BNI membership? Take a moment to reflect on the power of diversity and relationships. Convincing ourselves that age is a hurdle means fewer opportunities to build strong business relationships. Instead, recognize your generational “head game” and get a step ahead of it to build long-term, meaningful, and profitable relationships with your fellow BNI members.

The NREF offers free courses to provide advanced resident and fellow educational training in topic areas not always covered within neurosurgical residency. Over 24 years of diversified experience gives Linda a creative advantage and excellent resourcefulness. With a BFA from Parsons, The New School for Design, Linda spent most of her career working in New York City as a graphic designer, illustrator, art director, creative copywriter, and creative director. I received a call for our Rohnert Park member that said her friend was very happy for the information.

It’s been a huge part of growing my, and it gave me exposure to a market I wouldn’t have cracked so easily. Today was my keynote, and I rolled out a new product line I’m dealing with this year, and I got qualified referrals for 3 outdoor kitchens. Lots of businesses join BNI and that’s all they do to promote their business. It’s just one piece of an overall marketing or sales strategy. If your chapter ever fizzles out for any reason, you’ll have nothing to fall back on.

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WC EDA proposes County takeover of Avtex Conservancy Park’s ….

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At 24 years old I experienced a couple snags in my BNI membership that apply to many of us, regardless of our age or experience. The biggest of these was communicating with professionals who were significantly older than I was. Since these monthly tips are all about building your Relationship Networking skills, I’d like to share some perspectives about Generation Gaps that will help you build your word-of-mouth success. The first thing worth touching on is recognizing the power we have in being as diverse as possible in our chapters!

Having entrepreneurial jobkeeper is key. Having a working knowledge of the stress and complexity of running your own business only comes from having P&L responsibility. So, young people, focus on getting a sense of what makes a business successful. While the product or service may be fantastic, it’s the people who make it go. Outstanding communication skills are key.

We are a Relationship Marketing organization. We build one another up through long-term, positive, supportive relationships. And regardless of your individual passion in the political arena, the political choice of for your fellow BNI members is a moot point. The important points when referring someone is not who they are voting for, but is based on their professionalism, their passion for their industry, and your trust in their professional reliability . Also, this political year has tended towards the ‘you versus me’ and ‘I will judge you’ perspectives, which is the antithesis of Givers Gain® and everything BNI stands for.

We humans have a tendency to evolve our closest relationships into friendships, which is why BNI is both fun and productive! At the same time, many of us have learned to act differently with our friends when compared to our clients. Those actions can be a boost or a bane to our reputation.

This will include those serious about doing business, but also include a lot of jokers who are not serious, have no money, or are just looking to plug their business. Over time, the presence of jokers brings the member quality down. It’s the same idea with Craigslist or a public park — when something is free, you’re going to find a lot of hobos, flakes, and jokers on there. Money is a great way to filter those people out, plain and simple. BNI is an international networking organization founded by a guy named Dr. Ivan Misner.

Widget Maker, John Doe, has had 2 written complaints sent to the MC about the quality of his customer service. The MC has worked with John and the Mentor Team for months to help him develop his professional skills, but John has either avoided or ignored the support. The MC then tried Probation to get his attention – still no results. They just want him to “Provide the quality of products/services at the prices he’s quoted” . Now the MC has opened John’s seat and he’s no longer a member. No one but the MC and VP know the details – it is confidential.

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You’ll have a chance to work on your skills for meeting new people, scheduling meetings, learning basic conversational skills, and public speaking. And everyone in the group wants you to succeed so it’s a great place to learn and make mistakes in a tolerant environment. Joining a BNI chapter is an excellent way to get to know lots of business people very quickly. If you’re new to the town you live in, or just aren’t well-connected, joining a BNI Chapter is the fastest way I know of for meeting people and becoming known. It’s structured in such a way that you are required to meet with the other chapter members during the week and get to know their business, as well as talk about your own business. This was one of my favorite aspects of being a BNI Member.


And when you’re ready to become a proactive referral partner, having stories to share with prospective clients will play a powerful role in the quantity and quality of referrals that you give. Everything you do in the group is measured. This is not necessarily a bad thing—it’s just something to be aware of. If the chapter sets goals , and you fail to meet these goals, actions can be taken against you. These actions are usually very supportive and intended to help you make the most of your membership, but it is something to be aware of.

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