Many projects are difficult to manage, hence, the best way to make them manageable is to propose milestones. This way it will be easy for you and the developer to have a timely report of your work and you can keep track of your progress. After winning over the scope idea, it’s time for hiring WordPress developers through different aspects. After planning the idea, the next process to step in is to locate the developers from various platforms. A WordPress developer is responsible for creating intuitive and interactive business websites. They work on conceptual understanding, creating and testing the site structure.

Therefore, it is better to search for any references where you can find their previously completed projects and perhaps have a word with someone they have worked for. Besides the hourly rate of WordPress developers, you have to consider the training and onboarding of a new developer. The first and foremost task to do is to list out the applicants who you think don’t meet the client’s requirement or do not fit in the role.

You must ask them what will be the price for ongoing maintenance. Ask them if they offer WordPress website management services or even WordPress monthly maintenance package. Because you want to stick with the people that created the custom site in the first place. Searching on LinkedIn is easy; you can simply put in the search bar what you need.

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This is also why customization is difficult outside of the templates. While custom templates are possible, they are a bit more tricky. As part of its usability, it also has access to over 54,000 plugins, meaning that you can integrate practically anything to it, especially if you are using an eCommerce application.

how to hire a wordpress developer

Many teams now rely on WordPress developers to customize and optimize their WordPress websites and to provide technical support if anything goes wrong. A skilled WordPress developer can take a WordPress website to the next level, differentiating it from a sea of sites using the same templates and SEO strategies. However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind before hiring one.

How to Hire a WordPress Developer (10 Tips and Tricks)

Besides building a full website many clients demand partial work such as updating the existing plugin or need to pitch your sales. In this instance, you need to have fully documented details about their project and their specific needs. Also, deadlines need to be discussed beforehand for better communication. After reading through, you might think that you’re ready to proceed to hire a WordPress plugin developer but there’s still a lot more than just soft skills. Excellent communication skills – You need to be able to communicate to this person productively. Whether in-person, over a phone or video conference call where you can share your screen or show them exactly what you want to achieve.

After all, 90% of consumers say a brand’s transparency is a key factor in making purchasing decisions. But, reputable WordPress Website Development Agencies will provide a site at a reasonable price. When researching, it’s essential to find Web Development Companies with skills matching the projects you want to create. Finding the relevant WordPress Developer skills depends on the website you want to build.

The more experienced a person is, the better chances are that you will be done more efficiently. After you shortlist some candidates, you can either connect with them through a virtual meeting, or you can assign them some tasks to get to know more about their capabilities. After this, you will be able to get the best person to do the job for you. Take the time to really get to know your applicant and/or agency candidates so you can set your business up for success. The web is rich with a thousands freelance websites which are proudly called “WordPress developers”.


To be a WordPress developer means to be an architect of WordPress. This is a man who helped build or has built many WordPress sites. A developer comes up with ideas, suggestions, set up solutions, modifies and integrates things and helps to implement the goals. These are a few aspects that need to be considered before selecting the potential candidates.

  • To further guarantee each candidate has the technical skills and personality strengths you need, be sure to undertake a series of skills tests before you hire .
  • Of course, business owners could make a WordPress Website from scratch.
  • Founded in 2017, GraffersID is a leading IT Staff Augmentation Company that empowers novel organizations towards high paced growth through accomplished developers.
  • Just as employees are more committed to you, you must legally be more committed to your employees.
  • This also implies that hiring a freelancer through Toptal will be more expensive than usual.
  • We help with the development of software and even with the upgrading of existing software.

When you look for them in the right place, chances are higher you will get the top of them. With the release of React js, it has gained popularity all around the globe. Because of its widespread use, several UI frameworks are helpful in aiding you in developing a stunning UI for your React project. The frameworks are simple to use, allowing programmers to create stunning web applications.

Cost to Hire Expert WordPress Developer

WordPress is constantly evolving as it is one of the best CMSs right now available on the market. It is necessary for you to see if your WordPress developer has the basic technical skills to help you with your project. If you are hiring a WordPress web developer, it is necessary that you be considerate regarding the deadline. The main reason for that is the employer is unaware of what is happening behind the scenes. The employee that you hired might make it look easy, but you are unaware of the fact that it might have taken several hours to get it working. If it’s not an eCommerce store, dynamic website, or enterprise-level WordPress website then there is no need to hire a WordPress developer.

If you opt for a templated website that serves as a one-size-fits-all solution, you lack the charm to attract users. Also, your website is one of the many websites floating on the web. However, hiring a WP developer can be challenging because so many of them find wordpress developers are out there. Here we will discuss in detail about WP developers and how you can hire the best WordPress developer depending on your needs and budget. You should expect to pay somewhere between $31,680 and $150,000 a year for a remote Node js developer.

WordPress is widely used as a website builder, by 43.2% of all sites on the Internet! The Content Management System owes this reputation to its ease of use. With the CMS, anyone can create a website, and it’s been in business for almost two decades. Sometimes low quality coding and messy structure sites takes same time as developed from scratch. Although, it depends entirely on the size and complexity of the project and the skills of the WordPress agency. Contact our team and we’ll be happy to discuss the finer details with you.

They also run a popular podcast in which they interview WordPress businesses owners and developers to get the inside scoop into what is happening in the industry. A godsend for developers worldwide, Stack Overflow is the first port of call for many daily technical questions. It’s only natural then that they’d offer a solution for matching employers with developers in the form of Stack Overflow Careers. If you are looking for a cheap way to find a developer, this is not the place.

how to hire a wordpress developer

If you don’t, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time back and forth, and most likely end up with a sub-par job or project. Checking the following five areas in detail will go a long way towards separating the wheat from the chaff from the very beginning. Here at Kinsta we focus 24/7 on providing high-performance managed WordPress hosting services. And while we have highly skilled developers on our team, we don’t provide custom development services. The list below are trusted sources that we have personally compiled to help save you time, money, and frustration from dealing with sub-par WordPress developers.

Web App Vs Progressive Web App: Why Are They Different From Each Other?

For example, they might create the layout, visual aspects, and interactive elements of the website. They also fix bugs and make certain that the user interface is functioning on all platforms. The front-end developer is typically fluent in three programming languages, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure the website accurately and seamlessly is “looking” the way it should. JavaScript – This language is necessary for Front End development.

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WordPress developers provide expertise in improving the WordPress software by introducing new themes or plugins. They also work on new updates to improve the efficiency of the software. Moreover, they can also manage the websites that are developed on WordPress.

Famous Brand Websites Built With WordPress

WordPress VIP is a part of Automattic, and the paid trial process is an integral part of our successful hiring practices. A trial offers both you and the candidate an authentic chance to make sure this is a good decision for you both. It’s also crucial they have excellent communication skills, especially if they’ll be working within a team. Without clear communication, it’s highly likely that errors will happen which could result in risk and loss for your organization.

How much does hiring a dedicated WordPress developer from an external development team cost?

This article will explore how to hire a WordPress developer that fits your business needs. Shake the stress of ongoing maintenance with plans supported by our team of WordPress experts. For example, if you want to launch a shop on your site, it can help to check out a few online stores the developer has built. This can help you determine whether they can meet your requirements, and if their style suits your brand. Starting a WordPress website can be an exciting endeavor, but it can also be stressful.

Also, if they own a personal website or blog, it can indicate their capabilities, assuming they’ve developed it themselves. It’s worth noting that browsing these sites can take significant time and effort. You’ll need to be very careful with your selections, as these candidates aren’t usually vetted. You should also decide whether you want ongoing maintenance or not. We recommend choosing a developer that offers services such as regular upgrades and malware scans, as this can help you secure and speed up WordPress in various ways. For example, if you know you want a custom theme, you can hire a WordPress theme developer on a short-term basis.

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